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The Toxic 20 is a 2-channel 20 watt single ended class A amplifier. The Toxic 20 is designed to duplicate the sustain and frequency response of some of the most coveted vintage amplifiers.

The Toxic 20 is a custom made single ended tube amplifier. The clean channel of the Toxic 20 is reminiscent of early single ended amplifier designs from major manufacturers. The gain channel allows saturated tones rivaling today's best high gain amplifiers.

The Toxic 20 comes shipped with a KT88 output tube but can use any 8-pin octal socket output tube. Provisons on the rear panel allow meter connection and output bias adjustment. All controls feature push-pull switches that can enable mid range and bass gain circuits and pull bright features. A cooling fan is provided to keep the output tube cool.

The enclosure features a cabinet that allows open back and closed options. This patent pending technology is called variator. It allows for changes in speaker dampening via rear panel provision. The amplifier package makes for a professional recording and club combo.

All components used in the Toxic 20 are hand selected to blueprinted specifications. This blueprinting allows that when picked lightly, the amp demonstrates a clean full substained tone. Also, with a more aggressive picking technique, promotes natural power supply sag compression and variances in gain making the Toxic 20 an extremely playable amplifier.


  1. Use any 8 pin octal socket output tube
  2. Provisions for rear panel bias adjustment. 
  3. Point to point wiring. 
  4. Top of the line, premium components. 
  5. Two channel operation. 
  6. Use any 9 pin preamp tube. 
  7. Variator speaker enclosures (allows provision on a mount of speaker dampening.) 
  8.  DC filament voltage. 
  9. Optional custom cabinet woods. 
  10. Control knobs featuring cubic zirconia position markers. 
  11. On/Off cooling fan control. 
  12. 20 watts of toughest class A tone available. 
  13. All amplifiers custom built.