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The model SRT1 is an advanced instrument for measuring surface insulation resistivity following ASTM standard A717 (IEC 404-11). Featuring the improved, patented Allegheny Ludlum Head*, which providesincreased reliability and repeatability while decreasing maintenance costs. Its floating baseplate assures button alignment across the full sample width and length.

The insulation tester is supplied complete, ready to plug in and connect to your shop air supply. An optional, compact air compressor is available if needed. Using accurate and reliable modular, digital circuitry it requires little or no training to operate. Sturdy stainless steel and aluminum construction provide a light weight, compact instrument easily installed on our laboratory bench.

*Licensed under U.S. Patent 4,360,774 Allegheny Ludlum Corporation



Supply Voltage 500mV +.005% Regulation
Digital Panel Meter 0 to 1.999 + .1%
Sample Size 30 mm x 140 mm minimum
Surface Probes 10 fixed stainless probes, each .1 sq in
Core Probes 2, 1/8" Cobalt drills
Table RAM  Nominal Test Force – 300 lbs + .02%
Input Power 115 Volts + 10% 750 VA
Approximate Size  20" wide x 16" high x 12" deep
Net Weight Approximately 100 lbs




Part No Description

Spare Calibrated Replacement Button Block*

Easily removed and replaced. A spare allows testing to continue while the buttons are cleaned or resurfaced


Specimen Heater with Controller (factory set to 150° C)

The optional specimen heater (400 Watts) is controlled with a digital temperature controller. Temperature is displayed in degrees C. The controller can be adjusted from room temperature to 160° C.


Compact Air Compressor

Provides 100 psi max to operate the SRT1 Tester when no local source of compressed air is available. A 1 ½ HP unit, it operates on 120 Volts, 60 Hz ONLY. Request quote for 50 Hz.


Air Filter

Recommended to remove oil, dirt, and water from general purpose compressed air lines.


Electric Line Conditioner

Provides electronic amplitude and waveform control for areas with Noisy power lines or power lines with large surges. Approximately 1 KVA. 60 Hz ONLY. Request quote for 50 Hz.


Specimen Shelf

Provides an extension to support long specimens cut the width of a large strip. Supports a 6” X 36” maximum length sample.


Pressure regulator for Mill/Laboratory Air Lines

Regulates lines higher than 90 psi or poorly regulated lines. Minimum air line pressure 80 psi. Specify input line size, pressure and coupling type.


220 Volt, 50/60 Hz Operation

Adds an external step-down transformer to reduce the 220 Volt line to 120 Volt for the SRT1 Tester.


Replacement Test Head*

Provides Allegheny Ludlum’s patented, improved Test Head to replace the head for many older Franklin Testers.

Note: There may be an additional engineering design charge to adapt the new head to non standard presses or circuits.


Dual Pressure Testing

Adds an additional test pressure, panel selector switch and additional internal pneumatics and solid state controls to change between two test pressures .


Panel Mounted Pressure Gauge

Adds a panel mounted pressure gage to monitor the test pressure.


Manual Air Shut Off Valve

Specify input fitting sizes and types.


Pressure Measuring Load Cell with Meter

Used for measuring Test Head pressure. Load range 0 – 500 lb. Completely assembled and ready to use.

Spare Parts, Calibration and Maintenance Aides

Part No Description

Calibrate Button Block

Clean, resurface and calibrate Button Block


Package of 12 replacement drills

Longer life modified replacement drills for the core drills.


Package of 5 copper clad calibration plates

Special replacement calibration plates for short circuit testing.


Package of 2 replacement calibrated drill collars

Special replacement drill collars with leads for the core drills.


Spare Logic Printed Circuit Board (FT100)

Complete printed circuit board with parts and logic control circuits.


Model No. FT5V Regulated Power Supply

Replacement Regulated Power Supply for the Model SRT1.


Cleaning Pads




Pre-assembled Pressure Regulator

Air filter and ball valve with 20’ nylon tubing to connect air supply to Franklin Tester.


Computer Option

Hardware and software provided to allow interconnection with the Franklin Tester and the computer to receive measurements from the Franklin Tester for averaging top and bottom.


Standard 304 stainless steel specimen stage


Standard 304 stainless steel specimen stage for hot Franklins


Dual voltage Testing

Selection of testing Voltages .500V DC and 2V DC. Provisions for 2 groups of shunt resistors to keep measurement current below 1 amp. Provisions to switch out current shunts. A 2 position rotary switch is supplied to change voltages.


Individual Contact Measurements

Provides individual current measurements on 10 contacts. Hardware and software to provide on screen individual contact measurements. As per (IEC 404-11).