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The Model 3800 Gamma Tester is a computer controlled system containing the necessary instrumentation to perform Gamma and Crown tests that exceed the requirements set by ASTM specification 971A-M. The Gamma Tester can be used to measure edge profile on an uncoated steel sheet and then retested after coating to show coating thickness and variances. The test instrument contains a precision actuator and encoders for accurate measurement (laser option using 2 precision lasers for measurement) and a computer for operator control of the test. All are contained on an eight foot table, with a six and a half foot measuring range. Samples can be up to six and a half feet in length, three to six inches in width, and up to one eighth inch in thickness.

All pertinent test data is entered, or default values accepted, using a keyboard and a monitor. The operator can enter the gamma points and tolerances to be tested, load points from a previously saved file, or accept the default points loaded from a file on startup. The standard gamma test will measure a total of 13 points. The operator can change the standard points and/or select fewer spots to measure. Once the necessary data has been entered, a menu selection starts the test which proceeds automatically until its conclusion. Test data and results are saved to a file on the hard drive and can be printed as well.

The Gamma Tester program also provides the option to run a profile test. This test will measure thickness at user selected intervals throughout the length of the sample. The test prompts the user for a starting point from each edge, and the interval between each point to be measured. Results are plotted in a chart as each point as measured to display a profile of the sample. At the end of the test, the test results can be saved to an excel spreadsheet.

The Gamma Tester has a Windows operating system. The system includes a color printer, flat screen monitor, mouse and keyboard



Gamma Tester

Parameters Measured
  1. Sample length
  2. Sample thickness at specified gamma points
Sample Specifications
  1. Length – Up to six and a half feet

  2. Width – 3 inches minimum

  3. Thickness - up to one eighth inch
Measurement Accuracy
  1. Meets or exceeds ASTM Specifications 971A and 971M
  2. Thickness → ± .00005 Inches
  3. Length → ± .004 Inches



Option A

Gamma Tester, Donart Model 3800 Used for measuring edge taper and crown of flat-rolled electrical steel. Meets or exceeds ATM A971/A standard

Option B

Updated Gamma Tester with precision measurement lasers. Improves testing time and maintenance.