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The Solid State Model CA Ellipsometer is a versatile precision instrument for rapid oil film measurement on tinplate. chrome oxide (tin free steel), steel, aluminum, and other metals. It utilizes a highly accurate optical system to measure film thickness through an automatic degreasing process. The coating weight is computed by solid state circuitry and displayed with an LED readout in English units (Metric units are optional).

   This instrument has been carefully designed to minimize operating skill and maintenance requirements. To use, the operator places a sample in the sample chamber and depresses the start button. The instrument will automatically obtain and display the coating weight in approximately 40 seconds. This reading remains displayed until reset when another measurement cycle is initiated. There are only two operating adjustments, which are used only when radical differences in surface condition are encountered.

   Solid state logic circuitry controls the various measurement cycles using solid state relays. The instrument can operated by any competent laboratory technician. Two manuals containing installation, operating, and maintenance instructions are supplied with each instrument.


New Improvements

 Donart has made significant improvements to the Model CA Ellipsometer. A major improvement is the hardware update that allows automatic setup of the Ellipsometer. This hardware update eliminates the need for the operator to set up the Ellipsometer for each type of sample surface. This aids in the elimination of operator setup errors and reduces the amount of time required to perform each test.

        Another improvement is our new self relieving pressure relief valve. In the past, Donart has used a pressure relief valve with a replaceable rupture disc. The new pressure relief valves are custom built for the Donart Model CA Ellipsometer. They eliminate the need for relieving tank pressure in initial fireup. This breakthrough technology will eliminate downtime caused by ruptured disc failure.

        Through extensive research, Donart has also found a replacement solvent for trichloroethylene. The new solvent, Leksol, is non-carcinogenic and has no current EPA regulations. This solvent is a direct replacement for trichloroethylene, requiring only a minimal adjustment to the tank temperature of the Ellipsometer. It is also comparable in price to trichloroethylene and has better long term stability. Donart can provide a quotation for leksol with special stabilizer package to insure compatibility with Donart Ellipsometers. Call for price quote.

Solid State Model CA Ellipsometer, including Solid State Indicating Temperature Control and adjustable regulated high voltage power supply for photomultiplier tube, complete with standard accessories, schematics, parts list, and two instruction manuals for operation on 110 Volts, 60 Hz or 110 or 220 Volts (not both), 50 Hz current. Normal delivery is 5-6 months after receipt of order.



Power Source

Repeatability +/- 0.02 g/bb (+/- .989 mg/m^2)
Angular Range 20 Degrees
Measurement Range In Excess of 1.0 g/bb (+/- 49.43 mg/m^2)
Sample Size 1 to 3 inch diameter (2.54 to 7.62 cm)
Readout Direct in Oil Coating Weight
Meaurement Time Approximatley 45 Seconds
Power Requirements 115 Volts, 60hz, 600 VA (50 HZ, 220 Volt Options)
Vent Size 3 Inch Diameter (7.62 cm)
Cabinet Size 24"x26"x50" (60.96x66.04x127 cm)
Approximate Weight 300 lbs. (136.078 kg)




Option B- TFS Pin Positioning Sample Holder Bracket

Three pin positioning sample holder for TFS oxide determination. Requires a positioning notch in the sample.  These sample holders permit removing a sample for exterior treatment and then replacing the sample back in the Ellipsometer to read the same spot. Typical applications are manual oil coatings and oxide measurements.

Option D - Immersion Heater Tank Thermometer

A useful maintenance device which provides maintenance personnel with the internal tank temperature in order to assure proper tank temperature setting and cleaning action. Accessible from the rear of the instrument, maintenance personnel can determine temperature at a glance.

Option F- Computer Option

Computer controlled Windows operating system.  Allows auto measurement correction via correction constant.  Enables user to make small corrections in reported measurement for variance in surface condition and oil types.  Also allows testing of 6 or 10 coupon tests reporting data parameters top average, botoom average and total average.  Saves and files test data.  Compatible with ethernet connection.