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Donart Electronics, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA


Donart Electronics, Inc. was Incorporated in September of 1959. For over 40 years we have been serving an ever growing industrial clientele in the United States and many foreign countries. The company is housed in a 6,000 square foot building on two acres of land in McDonald, Washington County, Pennsylvania. The plant site is located in the center of the triangle formed by Pittsburgh, PA, Wheeling, WV and Steubenville, OH. It is about 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and 20 minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Approximately 1200 square feet of the plant is used for offices and engineering facilities. The balance is used for mechanical and electronic assembly and testing.

John R. Salvadori, Jr. is the President of Donart Electronics, Inc. He has a degree in electronics and has been with the company since 1979. He has worked in all phases of the business under the skilled leadership and guidance of the founder and original owner of Donart Electronics, Inc., Richard A. McCreanor.


Donart Electronics is an organizational member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) , one of the largest voluntary standards development systems in the world. ASTM determines the standards for testing methods of electrical steels. Mr. Salvadori is a member of ASTM's Subcommittee A06.01.

Donart's area of interest may be generally stated as the application of state of the art electronics to the basic processing and manufacturing industries. More specifically, our interest is classified into several main categories:

1. Ellipsometers

Donart manufactures, sells and services a complete line of Ellipsometers. The Ellipsometer is a quality control instrument used by the steel and aluminum industries for the measurements of thin oil films on tin plate and similar products. Donart has been the leader in the manufacturing of Ellipsometers since the early 1960's. Our Ellipsometer is used by every major tin producer in the world.

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2. Epstein Test

Epstein Test Consoles which are manufactured, sold and serviced by Donart are used to perform measurements on the magnetic properties of electrical steels. Instrumented by state of the art analog and digital circuitry, our Epstein Testers provide determinations of core loss, peak perm, and other parameters which meet or exceed ASTM specifications for determining quality and applications of both carbon and silicon electrical steels. Our internal frame and auto calibration program checks all internal hardware for repeatability. We supply an internal standard frame that can be used to certify equipment to ISO 9000 standards. We also offer professional calibration and service throughout the world.

Donart is the oldest and largest manufacturer of Epstein Testers in the world. Since 1969 we have been manufacturing custom Epstein equipment designed to meet the unique requirements of our customers.. Our Epstein testers are used by every major electrical steel producer in United States and Mexico. They are also being used by major steel producers in India and Korea.

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3. Franklin Test

The third item manufactured, sold and serviced by Donart is the Model SRT1 Franklin Tester, an advanced instrument for measuring surface insulation resistivity according to ASTM Standard A717. Our system features the new and improved Allegheny Ludlum patented head. The SRT1 is supplied complete and ready to plug in and connect to your shop air supply. Using accurate and reliable modular, digital circuitry, it requires little or no training to operate. We have been producing this instrument since 1994.

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